We can make any type of cage or cages to fit your needs call for estimate some ideas below.  Call Allyn 623-377-8297..  

A 4 hold tower 24 x24 x 4 high w/pee guard and trays w/frame & castors $275.00. 

 Can make multi hold towers to suit your needs.  Call for an estimate..Allyn at 623-377-8297.

  Cages and Towers different prices different sizes you decide.. 

Cage 30 X 18 X18 with pee guard also includes feeder and 32oz. water bottle. $75.00

                E-Z  Mates in two colors they fasten to wire floors. 

 E-Z Coop Cups Various Sizes 5oz. - 20oz.          32oz Water Bottles 

                                                             E-Z  Feeders 2 colors and 2 sizes 3 1/2 inch and 5 1/2 inch.

Rabbit Nest box shown for H/L & M/R  9 x9 x 14.   Can make any size requested $12.00 & up each.

 Ideal for Chinchilla, Degu, Rats can make or design custom cages to your liking bird too. Just call and ask, Allyn....623-377-8297..

          Transport Carriers any size needed 1 hold, 2 holds, 3 holds, 4 holds or more and many different sizes we have               some standard sizes but can make what ever you need.


  More Pictures to come of other things available like Feeders, Water Bottles, Mats, etc..... Call to place an order today!! Call Allyn.. 623-377-8297. 

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