Hi!  Look,  New pictures of our NEW Barn finally!!

   We have alot of space now an acre and a half of dirt.  We decided on a 20' X 30' barn big enough but not to much work to keep up with.

          Let me tell you with my husband I have straight walls and a very well built barn.  I LOVE it!!

   In the begining we had to work fast it was getting way to hot and needed to get the buns and chins COOL. To Help me and my wounderful husband is my two boys Josh and Cameron.  Thank You,  Love YOU!!!

                  My husband put it 10' behind our garage so not to far to run electric or water to the barn.

                                     Having a garage door at the end of the barn is great for moving in and cleaning out. 

 My Wonderful husband also put a cover between the barn and garage which is really nice it keeps the sun off the coolers which helps the coolers keep cool also he has the coolers drain every 8 hours we are planting trees on the side of the barn and that is how they will get watered and the other side we have our chickens and the cooler on that side drains and waters them and trees to come there also.



       Below is our rabbit cages with automatic watering system what a wonderful invention that is. 

           Two aisle to walk down of rabbits  with swamp blowing down each, still working on the cages perfect place.

 A Garage door at one end is great for cleaning out the barn.  A man door and a swamp cooler on each side keeps it cool at the other end.


                                            More Pictures Coming Soon...

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