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   Available For Sale:

 Bucks:   Checking!

 Does:   Checking!


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 Lynn's   Nice

Broken Chocolate Otter  Sr. Buck

D.O.B.  4/20/2013

Sire: Ht'z Bo Jangles        Dam:  Lynn's Milk Dud


EzDae's Wild

Broken Black Otter  Sr.  Buck

D.O.B. 9/17/2010
Sire:  EzDae's Kill Bill     Dam:  Rogers Tempt






Lynn's   Bean

Chocolate Otter   Sr. Buck

D.O.B.  10/7/2010

Sire:  Lynn's Bob         Dam:  Lynn's Sweet Pea

Ht'z  BV

Black Otter   Sr. Buck

D.O.B. 11/14/2012

Sire:  Ht'z Bo Jangles   Dam:  Kt's Blown Away


More Pictures To Come Soon..... 



Lynn's:  Baby

 Broken Blue Otter  Sr. Doe

D.O.B.  8/31/2009

Sire: Lynn's  Rew         Dam:  Lynn's Paula

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