Chickens, Quail, and eggs!  Hatching lots of Fun!!


Here are some Quail eggs and a Bantam egg!


Here we are incubating some Quail eggs, Bantam eggs and Regular eggs Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, and ??

Quail eggs Hatching!!  Exciting every time and amazing!

We Love it there is almost an incubator going all the time getting ready to hatch!

                                                                     More and More Baby Chicks!!   Fun!!

 A Bunch of hatched Chicks Rhode Island Reds and  Americonas!



A bunch of Baby Quails, so tiny!!


                                                             A bowl of chicks!!
   No, not Dog food!!


                                         Baby Quails  and an Adult Japanese Cortunix Quail


 Is this Awesome!  Quail cages my husband made, multi levels with automatic water system gravity feed and feeder in the front and each level is at a slight angle so the eggs roll right out the front to gather once aday! Below more pics!




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