Hi!   I just updated my For Sale page 3/21/2016 !  Having to sell out all of our animals needing to move

to Canada to help care for my in laws!


Check out below will put sold as soon as they are paid for pending means holding for payment and if not received by deadline given they will go back up for sale!  Email me or text me or call to make appointment to come see and pick one out!  Check out our cages below too my husband makes beautiful very well made for easy care of your pet!



Broken Castor   Doe

D.O.B.  11/4/2015

Sire:  Sph's 2 Face

Dam: Lynn's Tic Tac


 Rex   right

Tri Color

D.O.B. 11/4/2015

Sire:  Sph's 2 Face

Dam: Lynn's Tic Tac

            $50.00  SOLD

                                                                     More Rex growing up will be taking pictures soon!


Broken Castor   Doe

D.O.B.  11/4/2015

Sire:  SPH's  2 Face

Dam:  Lynn's Tic Tac

            $50.00 SOLD

Breeders Available For Sale:
Mini Rex
Sr Black Buck Lynn's Cesar

                                  Lots more Holland Lops and Mini Rex  ready to go now need to take pictures!

Mini Rex

Broken Castor  Doe

Castor  Buck

Broken Castor  Buck

D.O.B. 2/3/2016

Sire:  Lynn's Flash

Dam:  Annie's Ariana

      $50.00  each

Mini Rex

Broken Red  Doe

D.O.B.  11/6/2015
Sire:  Lynn's Flash
Dam:  Lynn's  Elle



Mini Rex
Black   Buck
Broken Black Otter  Buck
D.O.B.  1/12/2016
Sire:  Kt's Wildfire
Dam:  Ohana's Blue Heaven

               $50.00 each

Mini Rex
Broken Black Otter  Buck
Broken Black   Buck
D.O.B.  1/26/2016
Sire:  Ezdae's Billy Bug



Holland Lop
Tort   Buck
D.O.B. 11/29/2015
Sire:  Roehe's Twister
Dam:  Lynn's Kalf


 Holland Lops

Tort   Doe

D.O.B.  11/5/2015

Sire:  Lynn's  Sleek

Dam:  Lynn's  Elle



 Holland Lop

Deepwood Fannin

Broken Tort   Sr.  Buck

D.O.B. 7/7/2011

Sire:  L&R Galveston

Dam:  Marshall Hill's Freedom

4 Leg in show & Registered

         $100.00  Proven  Sold

 Mini Rex 

Black   Doe

D.O.B.  11/5/2015

Sire:  Lynn's Cesar

Dam:  Lynn's PM


Mini Rex

Broken black  Buck

Broken Black Otter  Buck

D.O.B. 1/19/2016

Sire:  KT's Wildfire

Dam:  SPH's Mabeline

           $50.00 each


We Have Cages Available!! Can Custom make what ever you are needing!  This is our Standard pet sale cage it is  30 X 18 X 18 with pee guards 2" pan to pull out to clean and includes a feeder and 32oz water bottle and toy. They are the best, my husband makes them!


                              $80.00 each


     Flemish Giants bred 12/23/2014 Due 1/24/2015
                                Born 1/24/2015  7!
          Will not be having anymore sold all Breeders!


                        $100.00   1 Left!  Sandy Doe  SOLD

We have some Baby Japanese Quail ready to go Now!
$3.00 each or
10 for $20.00!

Silkie Chickens 5-6 months old!  $10.00 for Roosters and $20.00 for hens!
Also Americauna Blue Black and Splash $20.00 each!  Coyotes came in and took them all! Bummer!



                                              We have some baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats Born!

               Our baby Bucks are $100.00 and Does are $200.00!  Dehorned and can be weathered if paid!

                      We have rebred all of our does due at end of December!


                                                                                                                        Buck Buck skin with moon spots          Doe Chocolate and white                                                                                                                          and blue eyes!                                    w/frosted ears!
                                                                                                                                    $100.00                                        $200.00 SOLD  Amanda
Jasmin had twins 1 doe and 1 buck 12/17/2015  she is such a good mom and sweet babies!


 ** Decided to sell!!   Our Dora had Triplets  12/27/2014 
2 Bucks, 1 Doe
            SOLD      Kaari

 Buck Blond with Blue eyes!                     Doe black with moon spots       

      $100.00 SOLD  Jing!                   and white spots and Blue eyes!

                                                                          $200.00  SOLD

Buck Brown  with white spots and moon spots!   
   SOLD Dorothy!


** Decided to sell!!  Our Link had Quads  1/2/2015  3 Bucks, 1 Doe.  1 buck died          SOLD   Jessie
Buck Buckskin with moon spots and blue eyes!

Doe black and white with blue eyes!

  SOLD  Jing!
Buck Buckskin with white spots and blue eyes!

     $100.00 SOLD Dorothy!



 ** Decided to sell!!  Our Snow White had Quads  1/4/2015  2 Does, 2 Bucks!            Sold  kristie!

Buck Tri Color with blue eyes!

  SOLD Kathy!

 Doe Tri Color with blue eyes!

                $200.00 SOLD Ashley

Buck Tri Color with blue eyes!

  SOLD   Jing!
Doe Tri Color with Blue eyes!

SOLD   Kaari!


 ** Decided to sell Our Britches!!  had triplets 1/25/2015 1 Doe and 2 bucks but first one born was breech and all died so sad !          SOLD     Kristie!

 Buck Black and white with blue eyes!

                 $100.00  SOLD


 Doe Tri Color black with gray and white spots w/blue eyes.

  $200.00  SOLD  Kaari

 Buck black with moon spots and frosted points w/blue eyes. 

        $100.00  SOLD  Ashley

Rocky Rhode had triplets 12/23/2015  1 doe and 2 bucks all w/blue eyes!


Doe Cream with moon spots and blue eyes!

  SOLD   Jessie!

 Doe Red with moon spots and white spots and blue eyes!

       $200.00  SOLD Jing!

Cinnamon Spice had Twins  12/23/2015  1 doe 1 Buck !


Cocoa had triplets 12/23/2015  1 Doe and 2 Bucks so cute and small and doing Great!

Doe light buckskin with moon spots and blue eyes

  SOLD  Kaari
Doe light buckskin sweet and small!


Buck black with white spots and blue eyes Polled!

  We Kept!




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